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  • A Year at a Glance - Printable 2018 Calendar

    2018 calendar

    A new year needs a new calendar (or in my case, multiple new calendars)!  This 2018 calendar printable is perfect to see the entire year at one time.  Circle the important dates and keep it somewhere handy like a bulletin board, desk at work, in the car, in a binder next to the toilet (hey, no judging on where you do your life planning).  

    To get this free 2018 printable calendar just right click on the image below and select print or save from the menu that pops up.  Print as many as you need for...

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  • Mason Jar Lid Label Printable for Dessert

    mason jar lid label printable

    Life is short and sometimes you really should eat dessert first.  And sometimes you should throw a treat in a jar and give it away to a friend who could use a reminder to eat more desserts in life.  Either way, this printable jar lid label is perfect!

    This label fits the top of a wide mouth jar perfectly.  Just print it on white cardstock, cut out the circles, and place one on top of the metal plate and under the ring.  Once you've filled the jar with your favorite dessert, just tighten...

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  • Acorn Baby Doll Printable

    baby doll paper doll

    Now that it's September I'm allowed to think all I want about colored leaves and yummy spices.  And what better way to pass that on to my kids than to make them a little toy that will remind them that even if it's still 92 degrees outside I'm still considering it autumn.  

    This little baby paper doll is so cute - it has an acorn hat, a little acorn to hold, and it can go to sleep in a little fall leaf bed.  Plus, by using little metal brads, you can move it's...

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  • Donut Party Banner Printable

    donut party banner

    Are you hosting a donut party?  Are you decorating in a donut theme?  Or do you just really love donuts?  (Who doesn't?)  Then this is the printable banner for you!  

    These print great on white cardstock.  And you can hang the cute donut flags from anything too - ribbon, string, yarn, shoelaces, whatever.  You can even just stick them to a surface without stringing them at all!

    To get this free donut party banner printable just right click on the image below and select print or save from the menu that pops up.

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  • Monster from the Sea Printable Toy

    ocean creature printable toy

    Sometimes you just need a little bit of nonsense.  Like a printable ocean monster toy to print, cut, and put together.  Because monsters from the sea obviously have tentacles and really long tongues.  And one sharp tooth to make them extra scary.  I'm not too certain about the horns though - that might just be too far fetched.  What do you think?

    This printable monster isn't too hard to put together and is fun to have sitting around your desk at work.  Make sure to print it on white cardstock and use good adhesive...

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