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  • Dr. Seuss Cupcake Tutorial

    It's always a good time to celebrate a little Dr Seuss!  His books are always among my all time favorites, no matter how old I get.  I love reading them to my kids, and I'll love reading them to my grandchildren someday.  

    So why not get a little more excited about it and make some cupcakes to go along with the reading?  (There's really no reason to not have cupcakes whenever you're reading.)

    Here's what you'll need:

    • 1 box Funfetti Cake Mix, baked to package directions in mini cupcake form
    • 1—16 oz....

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  • Farm Animals and Compound Words

    This fun printable worksheet is quick and easy practice for creating compound words.  And the cute farm animals help keep kids engaged.  Have your student match the word the animal is holding with an option off to the side to create a new word!

    To get this free printable just right click on the image below:


    You can get more fun learning printables from Sea of Knowledge!  Or snag the matching farm animals clipart set in our shop.

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  • Mother's Day Planner Sticker Freebie

    Get your planner ready for Mother's Day with this adorable planner sticker printable freebie.  Whether you ARE a mother or you HAVE a mother, these stickers are perfect for your planner!  

    And the coolest part is that they're just a part of a bigger sheet of Mother's Day stickers.  You can get the printable stickers in our shop, or a printed and cut sheet from Planner Kate (who is a super amazing mother, by the way).

    Click on the image below to get our free Mother's Day planner stickers, and print them...

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  • Letter Z Coloring Page and Writing Practice Worksheets

    We are the end!  Have your students practice writing the letter Z with our fun handwriting printable, and then they can color the cute zebra coloring page.  Because everyone loves zebras.  EVERYONE.

    You can get the whole alphabet coloring pages and writing practice worksheets right here on our blog.  One was posted each week and can be found in the "educational fun" and "early learning" categories.  Grab the whole collection and use them for your class.  Or homeschool.  Or just for your kids to practice their letter writing (and coloring) on their own!

    You can get these free...

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  • Ewe are Special Candy Bar Wrapper Printable

    Do you need a cute candy bar wrapper printable to make someone feel special?  Check out this little sheep one that says "ewe are special".  I love fluffy sheep, and I love king size candy bars, and this includes both so naturally it's amazing.  I mean really, what's not to love?

    This printable wrapper fits a king size candy bar (so one of those big Hershey's bars for instance).  But it could fit around other stuff too - it's basically just a big label.  So if you're one of those super creative types, you could make this work...

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