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  • Memorial Day - Always Remember

    Memorial Day didn't used to mean much to me.  But it seems like the older I get and the more I think about what happens in the world, or has happened in my family, there's just so much meaning to days like today.  I don't know how I could have NOT thought today was important.

    Memorial Day is about honoring those who have come, and gone, before us.  Those lost in war hold a special place in my heart.  Military people of any kind amaze me.  They are selfless and willing to sacrifice themselves for my family's...

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  • Shapes and Pattern Practice Printable Worksheet

    This worksheet is super easy pattern practice using fun shapes with funny faces.  Have your child fill in the missing shapes to complete each pattern.  Then they can color the shapes for a little extra fun!

    To get this free pattern practice worksheet just right click on the image below and select print or save.


    And if you'd like to create more worksheets or activities using the shapes clipart you can get the matching sets in color and black and white!

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  • Busy Bee Planner Sticker Freebie

    If you're as busy as bee then these planner stickers are for you!  You can get this cute little printable freebie with a few of the stickers from our full sheet of Busy Bee Planner Stickers.  They are perfect for the upcoming summer months, and make your planner adorable (even if it's full of things to do)!

    Just print this freebie on some matte sticker paper and cut out each image.  It's really easy and it saves money when you do it at home!

    To get our Busy Bees planner sticker freebie just right click on the...

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  • How to Make a Planner Bookmark with Clipart

    Planner bookmarks are super cute and fun, and it's nice not to have to find your spot again every time you want to open your planner.  If you've been wanting to try your hand at making your own planner bookmark this is the tutorial for you!  

    The first thing you're going to want to do is find a clipart image that isn't insanely intricate - you have to think about it in layers, and you're not going to want more than 3 or 4 layers, so keep that in mind when you're picking out your image....

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  • Baby Shower Tags Printable for Boys

    These are the perfect printable tags for your baby boy shower gifts.  With three tag options you will be prepared for any kind of gift giving imaginable.  Especially if the new parents are big football fans.  They also make great baby shower party decor or invitations!

    Use the big card by folding it in half and writing on the inside.  Invite guests with these cards or write thank you notes.  Or write a special note to the mother-to-be on the inside and give it with a thoughtful gift (or diapers - you can never go wrong giving...

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