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  • Football and Turkey Planner Sticker Freebie

    turkey football planner stickers

    Get ready for the big day of turkey and football with these free planner stickers!  They'll make your whole week game day ready in the cutest possible way.  Plus they're functional and really easy to use, so score!

    If you like this little freebie you should check out our full sheet of Footballs and Turkeys Planner Stickers!  You can get the printable version in our shop or the printed and cut version from Planner Kate.

    To get his free planner sticker printable...

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  • Zombie Graves Halloween Treat

    zombie treat

    I don't think it's any secret that we have some zombie fans at our house.  Which make these cute zombie graves a super fun treat for Halloween!  They're really easy to put together and end up looking amazing!

    This is what you'll need:

    • 1 pkg. Rice Krispy Treats (or you can make your own instead)
    • 1 can Vanilla Frosting
    • 1 pkg. Chocolate Graham Crackers
    • 2—Hershey’s Cookies N Crème Candy Bars
    • Wilton Candy Melts, Orange
    • Green Candy Shreds
    • Black Food Coloring
    • 1 pkg. Gummy Monsters

    Color the frosting with a few drops...

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  • Zombie Paper Dolls Printable

    zombie paper dolls printable

    You know we love zombies around here!  (The cute ones, not the creepy ones that actually eat brains.)  So how could I not make zombie paper dolls for Halloween?!  And because of the cute little brads, you can move their little undead arms and legs all you want!

    These zombie paper dolls are super easy to make.  Just print them on white cardstock and cut out all the pieces.  Attach the arms and legs to the back side of the zombie body using mini brads.  If you want your dolls to last a little...

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  • Broken Crayons Still Color

    Broken crayons still color

    It's hard to make it through life without becoming at least a little broken - life just does that to people.  But just as a broken crayon still has the ability to color, we can always pick ourselves up, keep going, and achieve our goals!  Go color the world, little crayon.

    Feel free to share this with family and friends on social media, or print it out to display nearby as daily inspiration.


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  • Halloween Matching Game

    Halloween Matching Game

    This is a super fun game you can play with younger learners during a class Halloween party, or for math centers, or homeschool!  It practices skills like matching, taking turns, and graphing, so while everyone is playing they are also learning and developing.  So sneaky!

    And it's super easy to print and play.  Just print all the pieces on white cardstock.  Cut out the cards and cube (make sure you print enough cards for all the players).  Fold the cube and adhere all the flaps and you're ready to go!  You can use anything to...

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