About Us

First and foremost, you should know that we are huge dorks.  And by "we", pretty much we mean "I".  Melissa Bastow is the creator and only contributor to all things Dorky Doodles.  Because not everyone needs a partner in crime.....or doodling.

I've been doodling for awhile.  Like almost my whole life.  Once when I was 3 I drew a picture of my mom with rows and rows of teeth.  She kept it and showed me later - it was pretty creepy looking.  I do a much better job at doodling now.  In fact, I've been a real-life professional artist and graphic designer for over 14 years. 

Since I've always loved to draw and create, I feel lucky to be able to do that as a career. I also feel lucky to work from home so I can skip out on showering, wear comfy pants all day, and throw snacks at my kids whenever they get whiny (I have 5 kids - which equals a LOT of whining).

In the past I've worked for rubber stamp companies, scrapbook companies, embroidery companies, and even illustrated a few books. I went to college for graphic design and have done my share of design jobs, but I find them quite rigid compared to creating clipart and printables. So I owe you guys a great deal of thanks for supporting my talents, my family, and my smelly non-showered self.



If you'd like to see more about me - you can check out my personal site: http://melissabastow.com