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  • Letter Z Coloring Page and Writing Practice Worksheets

    We are the end!  Have your students practice writing the letter Z with our fun handwriting printable, and then they can color the cute zebra coloring page.  Because everyone loves zebras.  EVERYONE.

    You can get the whole alphabet coloring pages and writing practice worksheets right here on our blog.  One was posted each week and can be found in the "educational fun" and "early learning" categories.  Grab the whole collection and use them for your class.  Or homeschool.  Or just for your kids to practice their letter writing (and coloring) on their own!

    You can get these free...

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  • Letter Y Writing Practice and Coloring Page Printables

    Your students can practice writing the letter Y with our fun writing practice worksheet.  Then they can color the fun yoyo picture.  The writing practice includes uppercase, lowercase, and the word "yoyo" with extra lines to get lots and lots of practice in.

    Making sure your kids have their letter recognition and sounds down is one of the biggest steps to beginning reading.  Writing practice can either introduce a letter, help a student who is struggling, or just help solidify the letter in their memories.  And the coloring page is mostly fun, but also a good way...

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  • Letter X Coloring Page and Writing Practice

    The letter X is fun - this printable writing practice worksheet and coloring page make it even more fun.  Practicing writing the letter X is probably one of the easiest for little hands to do, but spelling xylophone is a whole different story.

    The letter X is one of those letters that all kids seem to know, but it hardly ever comes up in words.  So it's good to keep them practicing and keep the letter in their minds and memories.  And the coloring page is mostly just for fun!

    To get these free letter X printables...

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  • Letter W Coloring Page and Writing Practice

    These cute printable worksheets are perfect for practicing the letter W.  The writing practice worksheet will help your child practice forming the shape of the W correctly.  And the coloring page is just a fun way to remind your kids that W starts words like wagon.

    Coloring is a good way to learn in a relaxed way.  The visual input of the picture being colored is stored in the student's brain without doing anything more than calmly coloring.  And to really hammer that knowledge in, kids can practice writing the Ws in the lines of the writing...

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  • Letter V Writing Practice and Coloring Page

    This letter V writing practice worksheet and matching coloring page are lots of fun to use at school, for homeschool, or just as something your little kids can do to help solidify their letter comprehension.

    The worksheet and coloring page feature some cute little vegetable characters that are friendly and so much fun to color.  And the writing practice will not only help your child recognize the letter V, but also improve their pencil control and hand writing!

    To get these free letter V printable worksheets just right click on the images below and select print or...

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