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  • Circus Party Printable Treat Box

    circus party printable

    This printable treat box is perfect for you circus themed party!  Or just as a stand alone treat.  Because who doesn't love a little bit of circus in their life?  The box is easy to print and assemble, and when it's finished it's roughly the size of a crayon box.  It has a cute circus elephant on the front and a circus tent and joke on the back.

    To get this free circus printable just right click on the image below and select print or save from the menu that pops up.  Print as many...

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  • Unicorn Poop Cookie Recipe

    unicorn poop cookie recipe

    Are you ready to join the unicorn craze?  Clearly I’ve been on the unicorn train since it first arrived. I mean, who can resist all the magic, rainbows, and glitter that a unicorn has to offer? 

    These meringue cookies hold their shape really well and are perfect for making adorable “unicorn poops.” Plus you can make them in whatever color you want, and they're not too hard to create. 

    The trick to making these cookies is making sure that the batter remains cool and stiff. This way, they keep their “poopy” shape even before getting them in the oven. ...

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  • Printable Unicorn Bookmarks

    Unicorn bookmarks

    Is your little book lover needing a magical bookmark?  These unicorn bookmarks aren't just magical, they're also adorable and functional!  And they're not just for kids either.  They will hold any place in any book for anyone!  All you have to do is clap your hands and say you believe in princess unicorn mermaids.

    This printable is super easy to use.  Just right click on the image below and select print or save from the menu that pops up.  Then print the bookmarks on white cardstock and cut them out on the thin gray outline.  You...

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  • Monster Cupcake Tutorial

    monster cupcakes for halloween

    These monster cupcakes are awesome.  AWESOME.  They are perfect for class parties, birthday parties, family parties, Halloween parties, the kind of party where you just want to eat a cupcake for no reason (that totally counts as a party).  They're not too hard to put together and they'll impress anyone who sees them - because they're awesome (did I mention that before?)

    This is what you'll need:

    • Prepared Chocolate Cupcakes, unfrosted
    • 1 Can Vanilla Frosting
    • Food Coloring—orange, purple, green
    • Toothpicks
    • Tacky Glue
    • Googly Eyes, multi-colored
    • Plastic Vampire Teeth


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  • Donut Party Banner Printable

    donut party banner

    Are you hosting a donut party?  Are you decorating in a donut theme?  Or do you just really love donuts?  (Who doesn't?)  Then this is the printable banner for you!  

    These print great on white cardstock.  And you can hang the cute donut flags from anything too - ribbon, string, yarn, shoelaces, whatever.  You can even just stick them to a surface without stringing them at all!

    To get this free donut party banner printable just right click on the image below and select print or save from the menu that pops up.

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