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  • Mother's Day Quiz for Kids - Free Printable

    Mother's Day is just a little over a week away - are you looking for something fun to do with the kids in your classroom that's not going to break the bank or take too much time away from learning?  Well look no further!  

    This printable "All About My Mom" quiz is perfect for multiple ages of children.  It's great writing practice for kids, or can be filled out by an adult with a younger child's answers.  And all moms everywhere love to read the cute (and sometimes embarrassing) answers their kids come up with!


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  • Easy Mother's Day Craft for Kids

    This Mother's Day craft is fun for kids and easy for you.  Plus it's cheap to make and is much more useful than a macaroni necklace!

    This is what you'll need to do this craft:

    • 38 Wood Craft Sticks
    • Decorative Washi Tape
    • Adhesive Craft Letters
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Scissors

    Start by making the side panels.  For the one side panel, take 12 sticks and lay them side by side.  Using hot glue, attach one craft stick across them about ¼ inch from the tops and another craft stick across them about ¼...

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  • Mama Bear Printable for Gummy Bear Gift

    Prepare for Mother's Day with this cute Mama Bear printable.  The front of this printable says "to the best mama bear" and the back says "from your little cubs".  It fits perfectly on an 8 oz bag of Haribo gummy bears but will fit on lots of other brands.  The finished printable is 5.5x3" (after it has been folded in half).

    Just print this printable on white cardstock and cut out the image.  Fold it in half and then adhere it to the top of your gummy bear bag.  I like to staple the tops on -...

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  • Mother's Day Planner Sticker Freebie

    Get your planner ready for Mother's Day with this adorable planner sticker printable freebie.  Whether you ARE a mother or you HAVE a mother, these stickers are perfect for your planner!  

    And the coolest part is that they're just a part of a bigger sheet of Mother's Day stickers.  You can get the printable stickers in our shop, or a printed and cut sheet from Planner Kate (who is a super amazing mother, by the way).

    Right click on the image below to get our free Mother's Day...

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  • Free Printable: Kid Interview for Mother's Day

    Looking for a last minute, super fun, one of a kind gift for mom for Mother's Day?  Well, look no further!  This fun and free Mother's Day printable is easy peasy and becomes a treasure when you interview your child about their mom. Trust me - moms eat this stuff up.  Especially when your kids surprise you with funny off-the-wall answers!

    Download our free printable by clicking here.  Then print it on cardstock, fill it out, and either roll it up and tie a bow around...

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