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  • Halloween Topiary Tutorial

    Halloween is my favorite holiday because you get to decorate with things like eyeballs and plastic spiders. 

    What you'll need to make your own spidery eyeball topiary:

    Not pictured: plastic eyeballs I got at the dollar store, double sided tape, scissors, a spoon, toothpicks and a thumbtack.  Also, I watched Netflix while I made this, but that's not really required.

    First, decorate your pot (I used ribbon and double sided tape):

    Your styrofoam cone should fit into the bottom of your pot once it's trimmed, and you can make the hole with your wooden dowel:

    Cut the bottoms of the spider rings so they're all sharp and jabby:

    Jab the spider rings into your styrofoam ball, but leave spots for the eyeballs, and dig a little pit with your spoon so the eyeballs will fit in the styrofoam a little deeper:

    Make a hole in the eyeball with a thumbtack and then stick a toothpick in the hole so that it fits snugly:

    Jab the eyeballs into the pits, and then put spiders around them so it looks like the spiders are crawling on the eyeballs (mwahahaha):

    Stick the wooden dowel into the bottom of the styrofoam ball:

    Put your heavier "stuff" on top of the styrofoam cone in the pot, I used rocks, you can use anything that will add some weight so your topiary won't fall over:

    Put candy corn on top of your heavy stuff and tie a ribbon around the dowel:

    Eyeballs are fun.  I mean, spiders are great too, as long as they're plastic and not real and creepy and in my house.  But I just really like eyeballs.

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